Information for Incoming Freshmen

Welcome to St. Thomas and congratulations.  You have chosen a fine school, rich in tradition.  Last year the boys soccer team continued to build its reputation as a Division 2 power.  We  went to the play-offs for the 28th time in our 35 year history.   We had one player receive All-State recognition; Four players receive Foster's  Dream Team honors; and Seven seniors receive the New Hampshire Interscholastic Athletic Association (NHIAA) All Scholastic Awards for playing Varsity Soccer and maintaining at least a 3.25 grade point average.  Our 2012 Team also received a 2013 NSCAA Team Academic Award, our fifth in eight years.  (the only team in NH to do so) This strengthened the NHIAA point that being involved in athletics results in better performance as a student.


St. Thomas has a no-cut policy for Freshmen soccer,  so every Freshman player who goes out for soccer makes the Freshmen team.  Every player  will see playing time, although we donít guarantee equal playing time.  It is easier for us, under the rules of soccer, to get more players into the game than basketball or baseball.  Playing time depends largely upon fitness and skill.


Freshmen players are always excused from practices for school events involving their entire class.   Players are also excused from practice when getting extra help from teachers, but we ask that you let your coach know ahead of time.  Academics always come first at St. Thomas.


For the first day of practice we hold a separate Freshmen practice to allow players to get to know their classmates.  If we, as coaches, believe you have the skill to try out for JV or Varsity we will talk to your parents first and ask their permission.  Then you and your parents can discuss it and make a family decision.  There is more of a time commitment and you have to be a strong student to be able to balance sports and studies.  JV Freshmen will be able to play with their classmates in Freshmen games when the schedule allows. Not all Division 2 schools have Freshmen teams, so we also play a number of Division 1 schools.  If you choose to stay with the Freshmen team it is not held against you.  Many have made that choice in order to make the transition to high school a bit smoother.  It is very rare that a Freshmen makes the varsity team. In order to do so the player must have both skill and size.  We don't take a player just to let him sit on the bench.


If you want to play soccer you will need to have your Physical and Athletic Contract on file with the school.  (These will be mailed to you during the summer in your "incoming student" packets.)   Show up on Monday,  August 19 at 1:00 pm on the field behind the school.   Bring water, a #5 ball, soccer shin guards, cleats and appropriate practice clothes.  Also, always bring sneakers and a mouth guard.  Please donít think you can sit around all summer and show up and play.  Soccer is a running game and you MUST be in shape.  See Summer Conditioning

Good luck and see you on the pitch!

Coach Suleski

Important information

If you want to play soccer you will need to have your Physical and Athletic Contract on file with the Athletic Department before you can step on the field.  The Athletic contract will come in your summer mailing.  There is also a form you sign giving permission to have photos taken of your son used on the web. 

Always bring to practice:

Water, a #5 ball, soccer shin guards, socks that cover the shin guards, cleats and appropriate practice clothes.
Also always bring sneakers and a mouth guard.

Some players find running laps in sneakers easier on their feet than cleats.   (Players are given time to change footwear.)
Also t-shirts worn at practice must be appropriate. 

Shin guards for High School players must have the seal or label saying they meet National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) standards, the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Soccer Rules Committee requires the shin guard to be marked with the NOCSAE seal and height range.  This may be embossed into the guard itself. Unmarked shin guards are illegal and players will not be allowed to play by the referee.

Players may wear eye glasses at their own risk.

Players my wear headbands and sweat bands, but they must be the color of our uniform (White or Navy Blue).
No other jewelry can be worn unless it is a medical alert. 

In High School if a player has an arm cast they can play with a Doctor's note and if it is padded to the referees acceptance.
The note from the doctor must be on file with the school Athletic trainer.

Padded soccer head protection is allowed.

Always bring water to practice during the tryouts.  (a 20oz water bottle is not enough for a 2 hour practice.)
Once school starts each team will have a large water cooler for practices and games. Players should just have a water bottle to fill in their bag. Do not share water bottles or mouth guards.

During the season players will be able to leave their soccer bag and ball in the boyís locker room.

Cancellations -

During tryouts, before school opens, the only way of broadcasting a cancelation of practice I have is through my Twitter Account on the web.  If practice is cancelled During tryouts I will tweet it and it will be posted on the 2013 Team Page.  Always assume practice is on.  I don't cancel it, but sometimes the school does.  Parents, if you are dropping off your son during a heavy rain wait until he checks with the coach.  We may just have a team meeting for 10-15 minutes and go home.

Once school starts - Practice or Games may be cancelled by the Athletic Director during the school day.  If you join the LISTSERVE on the Athletics page of the schools web site you will get emails of game cancellations.  Players must listen to announcements for cancellations.


All injuries must be reported to the coach.  St. Thomas has a certified Athletic Trainer on staff.  The trainer will evaluate your son and decide if he can continue to play.  If you take your son to an outside Doctor then you must get a note from that Doctor clearing him to play.  Once a player has been seen by the trainer or a Doctor, coaches cannot allow them to practice or play without proper clearance.

Uniforms will be issued by the school.  You are responsible for washing them in between games

Junior varsity (JV) & freshmen players must purchase blue game shorts, and 1 pair of blue socks from the bookstore.  These are yours to keep.  Varsity players must purchase 1 pair each of blue and white socks and a pair of blue and white shorts from the bookstore.  For home games we wear white shirts (and Varsity-white shorts and socks).  For away games we wear blue shirts and blue socks.  We always bring both uniforms as some schools freshmen and JV teams do not have two colors and we may be asked to change.  Some freshmen may make the JV team and be issued both sets of uniforms. (Socks and shorts are the same)

Do not alter your uniform in any way.  It is important that we all look the same as a team.

At no time can uniforms be worn during practice.

Please be sure to read the Team Mission Statement and the Information on Social Networking page.

There is a Transportation waiver on the St. Thomas Athletic Website Forms page that must be filled out if your child is driving or being driven by a student to and from practice.


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