St. Thomas Aquinas Boys Soccer



We are one team – the players, the staff and the parents.

Varsity, JV or Freshmen/Reserve – we are one team – St. Thomas Boys Soccer.

We make sure everyone feels part of the team.

We are stronger together – Strong team spirit on and off the field.

We stick together when times are good and when times are tough.

We will not talk behind others backs.

We will not turn on someone when they make a mistake – remembering it could be us next time.

What is said in team meetings is confidential.

What is said in the huddle before the game stays in the huddle.



Our style of play is creative and attacking while always displaying a winning attitude.

Sportsmanship is important at all times.

Our appearance – we want to look smart and professional at all times and agree to the team uniform.



We strive to be the best in all we do.

When we compete, when we practice and when we are in school.

As individuals we are responsible to our team to ensure we prepare properly.

We will watch our diet; we will make sure we get enough sleep before games.

We will be professional – in our preparation, punctuality, and attitude.

Any injury or sickness will be reported to the coach or trainer immediately.

We will not bring the team down by trying to hide we are not 100%.



We are honest, trustworthy and reliable on and off the field.

When there is an incident on the field only a captain will talk to the referee.

No matter our opinion of a game official we will remember his opinion is the only one that matters.
We will give him the respect that his uniform deserves.

Fans should not yell at game officials as team parents we should make that known.

We are aware of the potential risks of using social media and will act appropriately.

No cell phones will be used during practice or games by players.

We will respect the public when traveling and realize we are the identity of St. Thomas.

We respect others and will be modest and level headed at all times.

We will remember to speak highly of teammates, opponents and officials in media interviews.

We will take responsibility for our actions on and off the field.


LEADERSHIP –  as Coaches, Captains and Upperclassmen

We will communicate clearly.

We will motivate and encourage.

We are role models – we lead by example, we know younger players look up to us.

We will not use foul language and we will not allow someone to bully another.

We are proactive – don’t wait to be told – don’t be a sheep.

We inspire, help and support others to be their best.

I know if I help my teammate to be the best he will help me in turn.



We give our all, passion, desire and commitment to our Team and St. Thomas.

We have pride in our uniform – we will wear our St. Thomas uniform and no other at games.

We will take care of our cleats and our equipment.

We respect our teammates, the coaches, the school staff and our opponents.

We will leave the bench area cleaner than when we arrived.

We will demonstrate our respect by our positive attitude and energy.

We want opponents to fear playing St. Thomas but not hosting St. Thomas.


We are St. Thomas Soccer. 

We represent our school, all the past players and the future team members.


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