Team Rules

The following are rules for the Boys Soccer Team.

These rules are in addition to the



put out by the Athletic Department.

Along with the following rules please also read the Team Mission Statement and the Information on Social Networking sites.

Teams – as numbers permit we will endeavor to have three teams.

Varsity, Junior Varsity and Freshmen/Reserve Team.

St. Thomas has a no-cut policy for freshmen soccer, so every freshman player who goes out for soccer makes the freshmen team.  Every player will see playing time, although we don’t guarantee equal playing time.  It is easier for us, under the rules of soccer, to get more players into the game than basketball or baseball.  Playing time depends largely upon fitness and skill.  Freshmen players are always excused from practices for school events involving their entire class.   Players are also excused from practice when getting extra help from teachers, but we ask that you let your coach know ahead of time.  Academics always come first at St. Thomas.

If we don’t have enough numbers for a Freshmen team then all freshmen will be carried on the JV team, but not all players will be brought to every away game due to number of seats on the bus.  If this happens a rotating away player schedule will be created.

Preseason Tryouts:

Tryouts will be held for the Varsity and Junior Varsity teams.  They typically start the third Monday of August.  We hold double sessions where we test fitness and evaluate player skills.  It is expected of every player who wants to make the varsity team that they attend all practices.  The schedule for the preseason is announced prior to the end of school so you have plenty of notice to plan your summer accordingly.  Preseason Schedule Link

Making the varsity team is a larger commitment of time than the JV or Freshmen team.  It is expected that you are willing to make the commitment if you accept the spot on the team.

Bring water, a #5 ball, Soccer shin guards covered by socks, cleats and appropriate practice clothes.  Also, always bring sneakers and a mouth guard (and have a back-up mouth guard).  

Many ask what we look for in a varsity player. – Most importantly we look for Varsity speed.  Varsity Speed is not how fast you run, but how quickly you can make decisions.  Do you see the play developing and are you able to make the right decision quickly.  Soccer skill and physical stamina are important also.

For the first day of practice we hold a separate freshmen orientation to allow players to get to know their classmates.  If we, as coaches, believe you have the skill to try out for Varsity we will talk to your parents first and ask their permission.  Then you and your parents can discuss it and make a family decision.  There is more of a time commitment and you have to be a strong student to be able to balance sports and studies.  If there are enough number gto have a JV and Freshmen Team - JV Freshmen will be able to play with their classmates in freshmen games when the schedule allows. Not all schools have freshmen teams, so we may play schools in an upper division.  If you choose to stay with the freshmen team it is not held against you.  Many have made that choice in order to make the transition to high school a bit smoother.

Practice –

Players are always excused from practices for school events involving their entire class.   Players are also excused from practice when getting extra help from teachers, but we ask that you let your coach know ahead of time.  Academics always come first at St. Thomas.

You are expected to be at the field, dressed and ready at the time practice starts.
You will always have cleats and shin guards covered by socks.
You will always bring a mouth guard (and have a backup)
You will wear clothing appropriate to the weather and the soccer field.
You will bring a water bottle with your name on it.  During the season a Water cooler will be available for filling your bottles.

You are expected to be at every practice. 
If you are injured from a prior days practice/game you must report to the trainer.
Failure to report to the trainer is the same as an unexcused miss of practice.
Even if your parents are taking you to see your own doctor you must let the trainer know.
There is an injury report that goes out daily with status of players with eligibility.
Failure to report to the trainer can make you ineligible to play in a game the next day.

If you miss practice (Unexcused absence) you will lose playing time during the next game.
Starters with unexcused absence will lose their starting spot.

You must be in school on time to be eligible to participate in practice or play in the game.

You have to make a commitment to your teammates and the team.  We can’t work on plays in practice when everyone isn’t there.  When everyone is at practice we can all be on the same page.

College visits are considered excused absences as long as you give the coaches enough advance notice.

Doctors and Dentists visits are excused with a parents note. Please give the coaches advance notice.

Extra help in school is excused but you must notify the coach before missing the practice. 
The coach will accept text messages but remember to put your name in the text.


Games –

You will be issued uniforms by the school and it is important that you adhere to the team uniform.
You must have Shin guards that are legal for you size and age. They will be embossed by NOCSAE for use in NFHS high school games.  You will bring a mouth guard (and a back up one)

For away games we will travel on school buses (No one may drive themselves to a game)
You will wear dress code or your uniform.  On days when dress code is relaxed like clash day or twin day that does not mean you can wear those clothes to an away game.  Once again - You will wear dress code or your uniform on the bus.

We are all responsible for cleaning up the bench area after the game.  Home or Away.
It should be cleaner when we leave than when we arrived.  We will leave the bench area as a team when everyone is ready and the area is clean.

You cannot wear cleats on the bus – they must be carried.  Wear your school shoes or sneakers.
After the game please bang the mud off your cleats before you bring them on the bus.

We are all responsible for cleaning up the bus after we get back to school.
It should be cleaner when we get off than when we got on.

If you are injured and cannot play but are going to sit on the bench - You will wear dress code or your uniform shirt.  (Costumes or inappropriate clothing is never allowed on the team bench.)

If you are going home with your parents after an away game and not coming back on the bus your parent must sign you out on the coach’s form.  Players going home with another players parents must have a note from their parents giving permission to give to the coach.

We will never disrespect a referee during the game.
If you get a yellow card for dissent you will miss your next game.
Yellow cards for hard play are at the discretion of the referee, but dissent can be controlled.

If you get a red card you will miss a game for the League and then one for the School.
Red cards are not acceptable.

Law 5 in the game of soccer says the referees’ opinion is the only one that matters.  The decisions of the referee regarding facts connected with play, including whether or not a goal is scored and the result of the match, are final.”

As a player/coach/fan – your opinion doesn’t matter – Remember the referee is always right even if he is wrong.  So don’t argue!!!!   Just keep playing and don’t let the referee take your mind out of the game.  I can not stress how important this is. 

Please make yourself familar with these team rules and procedures.

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