2010 Changes in NH Boys Soccer

2009 saw the end of the 4 class system in NH boys High School Soccer
Class L, I, M and S are no longer.
The NHIAA has moved to a Division system in every sport starting in 2010.
All sports will compete in a Division 1, 2, 3 or 4 based on school size.
(Schools will also be able to move individual teams up or down a division without changing all their teams.)

What does that mean for St. Thomas Soccer?

In 1957 there was one class in NH Boys Soccer.
In 1977 The NHIAA divided the League into Class A and Class AA.
In 1979 St. Thomas fielded its first team in Class AA.
In 1986 the NHIAA created the 4 class system based on enrollment size of the school.
St. Thomas competed in Class I even though at times our school enrollment would have put us in Class M.

In 2010 the enrollment size for St. Thomas puts us in Division 3,
However as a soccer program we will move up and compete in Division 2.

Since 1986 St. Thomas Boys soccer had worked hard to become a respected team in Class I.
We finished the 2009 season in third place at 12-2-2 and ended up losing in the state Semi Finals in double overtime.  Finishing with a record of 14-3-2.    We were one of only two teams to make it back to the Semi Finals two years in a row.  The current seniors on this team have complied a record over the past 3 years of 46-7-4.  Now Class I is all in the past.

We now face new opponents in Division 2:
Windham High School - a new school with no seniors this year, but plenty of soccer players from the Salem area.
Sanborn High School - a Class M power house and an old rival.
Trinity and Manchester West - two teams moving down from Class L with lots to prove.
We will also play some old class I teams for the first time in a while like Bishop Brady and Pelham.
We also play our old seacoast rivals Oyster River, Portsmouth and Coe Brown twice each.

None of these schools will fear us, we don't have a history with many of them.
Every team will be working hard to make a name for themselves in Division 2
We must work harder to establish ourselves as a Division 2 power.

The NHIAA will still be using the Heal Point System, but they will change
from the Maine System to the Vermont System.

Adopted New Hampshire Index Plan


The following points will be awarded for wins.

Home and Away is determined by the schedule and not where the game is played. (Incase of field change)

Division I               Away Wins      Home Wins

Division I & II                 5                  4

Division III                     4                   3

Division IV                     3                   2

Division V & VI             2                   1

Division II               Away Wins      Home Wins

Division I                            6                 5

Division II & III                 5                  4

Division IV                        4                  3

Division V                         3                  2

Division VI                       2                  1

Division III            Away Wins      Home Wins

Division I & II                   6                  5

Division III & IV               5                  4

Division V                         4                  3

Division VI                       3                  2

Division IV            Away Wins      Home Wins

Division I, II & III            6                  5

Division IV & V              5                  4

Division VI                     4                   3

Division V            Away Wins      Home Wins

Division I, II, III & IV        6                   5

Division V & VI                5                    4

Division VI            Away Wins      Home Wins

Division I, II, III, IV & V     6               5

Division VI                          5               4

Points for ties (field hockey, ice hockey and soccer): Teams will receive of the point value that would have been awarded if the team won.

*Standings will be determined by the total number of points divided by total number of games played.


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